About Salaam Bank

Salaam Bank Limited stands proudly as a distinguished member of the Salaam Group of companies, a recognized and influential group within the Islamic finance sector in Djibouti. Its venture into the Ugandan financial landscape was characterized by a well-thought-out strategic acquisition of Top Finance Bank Ltd, positioning Salaam Bank as the first fully-fledged Islamic financial institution in the country.

This strategic move marked a significant milestone in the banking industry, providing Uganda with its inaugural fully-licensed Islamic bank.

The formalization of this expansion was underscored by the issuance of a license from the Bank of Uganda, a regulatory endorsement received on September 8, 2023. With this official recognition, Salaam Bank became the pioneer fully-fledged licensed Islamic bank in Uganda, establishing itself as a groundbreaking force in the nation’s banking sector.

Salaam Bank Limited brings a wealth of expertise and a commitment to delivering Sharia-compliant financial solutions to the people of all faiths in Uganda. With a vision to contribute significantly to the economic development of the region, Salaam Bank stands poised to serve as a beacon of Islamic banking, fostering financial inclusivity and innovation within the Ugandan community.


To elevate East African communities through ethical and accessible financial solutions, rooted in values of fairness and integrity, to foster economic empowerment and societal well-being.


To drive Prosperity in East Africa through Innovative and Ethical Banking Practices.


To revolutionize banking with compassionate, value-driven, ethical practices, fueling sustainable prosperity and community growth.

Core Values


We uphold honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior in all our dealings with customers, employees, and partners.

Ethical Banking

We adhere strictly to Sharia-compliant practices, ensuring our services reflect Islamic values of fairness and morality.

Service Excellence

We maintain a customer centric approach, dedicated to continuous improvement and actively seeking feedback to enhance our services and deliver a personalized experience.


We embrace creativity and forward-thinking in developing innovative ways to serve customers, manage processes, and advance technology.

Community Empowerment

We support the growth and resilience of the communities and societies we serve and are part of.